• Marble 57T
  • Light Grey 42T
  • Silver Grey 05T
  • Slate Grey 28T
  • Graphite 68T
  • Black 01T
  • Basaltblue 46T
  • Ice Blue 54T
  • Night Blue 53T
  • Navy 11T
  • Carmine 33T
  • Lilac 32T
  • Black Berry 63T
  • Curry 08T
  • Muskat 47T
  • Mocha 65T
  • Khaki 07T
  • Fir 69T
  • Kiwi 66T
  • Mustard 67T

The COMO variant in a fashionable tweed look. For everyone who is looking for a tweed look and perfect softness in SUPERLIGHT Quality at the same time. Together with COMO there are 58 coloures combinable.

The SUPERLIGHT Collection – for lightweight knitwear:
By using innovative manufacturing processes our SUPERLIGHT yarns receive a unique lightness. As a result the knitted favorites weigh significantly less than usual and offer an incomparable airy wearing comfort.

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