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Thierry Blouse
Designed by kolibri by johanna

The blouse is knitted top down with raglan increases. To shape the round neck, start to work back and forth in rows, until the work is closed to the round and continued in stockinette stitch for the body and wave pattern for the sleeves. As soon as you have reached the total number of stitches for your individual size, separate the sleeves from the body and cast on new stitches under each armpit. Now you are going to finish the body in stockinette stitch in rounds. The hem is finished with an i-cord- edging. The sleeves are now finished in wave pattern – they are knitted in rounds too and you are going to attach an i- cord-edging too. For the round neck, work an applied i-cord- edging along the neckline.

The cropped length and the dynamic wave pattern on the sleeves create a modern look for a classic shape and construction. Because of the short length of the blouse, it fits perfectly for high waisted trousers and skirts.

Como Tweed

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  • Thierry Blouse