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MinishawlClub#4 ColorBand
Designed by Hinterm Stein Design

A charming little triangle with a beautiful color band.
A very quick and relaxing project.

It is worked from the top down, starting at the center with increases at both edges and the center line to create the triangle shape. The pattern is very easy and the special solution for the edges allows you to knit an elongated triangle shape, customizing the size as you go. 

Just what your wardrobe is asking for or what you can find in your stash.
You can adapt the size to use up you yarn or knit a larger shawl.

Stylish and trendy, worn as a mini scarf or embellishing your tote bag. And the perfect gift for a good friend - or yourself. Super cute on our babies or little ones!

Como Tweed


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  • MinishawlClub#4 ColorBand