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Anoushka on 2nd thought
Designed by Regina Mößmer

ANOUSHKA is knit seemlessly from the top down. The neckline is shaped with some short rows, using the german short rows method. First the increases for round yoke are worked evenly spread around the yoke,
then the Fair Isle pattern is worked.
Before sleeve stitches are divided from body, some stitches for sleeves and body are increased. For sleeve divide, the sleeve stitches are placed on stitch holder or waste yarn, to work them later.
The lower body is worked smoothly in rounds.
To knit the sleeves, the stitches that have been put on hold are lifted back onto the working needles and out of the cast on stitches under arm. There is still a small color work pattern to work before the cuffs.

Como Tweed



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  • Anoushka on 2nd thought